India Curly Hair
This curly virgin Indian hair weave is alive and full of body. This gorgeous hair can be worn straight by using a flat iron and bone straight using a straightening serum. It can also be deep curled with proper treatment. Since this premium hair is completely natural and chemical free, it will always revert back to it’s Curly state. Please keep in mind the length of curly hair is measured when straight and not when curly. The natural color 1B of this hair is a beautiful mix of off-black and dark brown.

This product is available in both machine and hand-tied wefts. Machine wefts have a slightly thicker continuous track known for it’s durability. Hand tied weave comes pre-cut in 5 strips and lay flatter against the scalp for a more untedetectable look.

ABOUT VIRGIN HAIR: This texture is completely natural and unprocessed. No chemicals are used whatsoever. Since this real Indian hair is just washed and left untreated, it may appear dry out of the package. You do need to maintain it by shampooing and conditioning, using a leave-in conditioner is also recommended. Styling and maintenance is required to reap the many benefits of this virgin Indian hiar. The hair comes to to life after treatment, and gets better over time.
Indian Virgin  Curly hair

Product summary

  • 100% virgin Indian hair
  • High quality machine wefted track
  • Curly hair which can be flat iron bone straight

Indian Virgin  Curly hair

Indian Curly Hair — 10″ for 4 oz — $85
Indian Curly Hair — 12″ for 4 oz – $85
Indian Curly Hiar — 14″ for 4 oz – $85
Indian Curly Hair — 16″ for 4 oz – $99
Indian Curly Hair — 18″ for 4 oz – $99
Indian Curly Hair — 20″ for 4 oz – $116
Indian Curly Hair — 22″ for 4 oz – $116
24″ 26″ 28″ 30″ …Call Sunny At (626) 410-3646 for the price !!