India Wavy Hair
If you are looking for extremely gorgeous Indian Wavy hair that is always soft and beautiful you’ve found it! You will love the body and natural movement of this high quality human hair. Since the cuticles are intact and go in the same direction, the hair has a beautiful natural luster that you don’t see on other brands. Also, the cuticles protect the hair and prevent tangling, giving you long-lasting soft hair. This hair is the pinnacle of human hair extensions. Perfect for sew-in weaves. We Guarantee it!

This hair is true virgin Indian hair that has been steam permed to artificially create the lovely curl pattern you see. The steaming process is completely chemical free, water is used to steam the hair into shape. The texture may not be as flexible as virgin hair, meaning the hair may not revert back to a natural wavy pattern after an extended period of use.

ABOUT VIRGIN HAIR: This texture is completely natural and unprocessed. No chemicals are used whatsoever. Since this real Indian hair is just washed and left untreated, it may appear dry out of the package. You do need to maintain it by shampooing and conditioning, using a leave-in conditioner is also recommended. Styling and maintenance is required to reap the many benefits of this virgin Indian hiar. The hair comes to to life after treatment, and gets better over time.
Indian Virgin Wavy hair

Product summary

  • 100% virgin Indian hair
  • High quality machine wefted track
  • Process: Chemical free steam permed texture

Indian Virgin Wavy  hair

Indian Wavy Hair — 10″ for 4 oz — $75
Indian Wavy Hair — 12″ for 4 oz – $75
Indian Wavy Hiar — 14″ for 4 oz – $75
Indian Wavy Hair — 16″ for 4 oz – $89
Indian Wavy Hair — 18″ for 4 oz – $89
Indian Wavy Hair — 20″ for 4 oz – $106
Indian Wavy Hair — 22″ for 4 oz – $106
24″ 26″ 28″ 30″ …Call Sunny At (626) 410-3646 for the price !!